ACE: The Key to Every Success

Every success follows a very specific pathway and begins with the same three steps. Conveniently, those vitally important steps fall into an order that makes them easy to remember – ACE. And literally, these steps are the key to acing life.

The ACE Formula is Awareness – Choice – Energy Management (Effect)

AWARENESS – Before you can make a change of any kind, you must first be aware that there is a need for one. The more aware you are of the options you have in making that change, the better the choice you can make.

CHOICE – Once you are aware of the change you want to make and the options available to you, you must choose from among those options. How you choose will determine the outcome or effect.

ENERGY MANAGEMENT (EFFECT) – Energy management refers to something bigger than just an effect. The way you manage energy determines the effect to be sure, but “effect” implies that you have no role in the outcome. “Energy management” on the other hand lets you know that you do have a role all the way to the end.

Let me give you an example: Say you are out of shape and want to get fit. You are aware that you are out of shape, but that isn’t enough. You also need to be aware of the options you have for getting fit, and you need to be aware of your ability and motivation to implement one or more of the options and stick with them. Gaining Awareness of your options and your likelihood of making them work for you requires choices on your part. You have to choose to find the options and to explore your nature to determine whether the options will keep you motivated.

Up to this point, you haven’t done anything to manage your energy and therefore the effect your choices will have. If you went no farther than this, the effect would be that you gain some knowledge, but don’t get the result you desire. To get the result, you need to take action (manage your energy). In this case, the action would be to choose the option most likely to succeed and implement it. Taking action on a well thought out option results in a completely different effect.

The beauty of the ACE Formula is that it is wholly predictable, from the point of gaining awareness to the end result. Download the ACE worksheet and explore it for yourself. Here’s the link:

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