The Amazing Power of the Subconscious Mind

Nothing is more powerful than imagination.
~ Albert Einstein ~

The Amazing Power of the Subconscious Mind

Like a giant iceberg, what we see on the surface of the mind is very tiny compared to Iceberg-Mind-Comparisonwhat lies beneath. The subconscious mind is far more powerful than the conscious. It literally runs the show. The conscious mind likes to think it’s in control, but anyone who has ever studied the workings of the brain knows better.

Though many people find that fact disturbing, it’s only because they don’t understand how amazing their subconscious mind actually is.

Your subconscious mind works for your benefit 24 hours a day, seven days a week—literally 100% of the time.

Though you often hear about people sabotaging their own efforts, there is really no such thing as self- sabotage. What appears to be self-sabotage is really a conflict between what you consciously desire and what your subconscious mind is trying to do for your benefit.

Understanding how your subconscious mind works and what it’s trying to do for you will give you a whole new appreciation for the magnificent power that is nothing short of miraculous, and will help you make the most of one of the most powerful forces we, as human beings, have available to us.

To better understand how your subconscious mind works, it helps to know the rules that it plays by without exception. There are twenty-four rules that apply to the subconscious mind and they are as consistent and predictable as Earth’s orbit around the sun.

No one who has studied the rules of the subconscious mind could ever assume that it would sabotage our efforts. The conclusion we must come to is that it is innocently trying to sustain well-being based on the information it has.

One of the subconscious mind’s rules is that it functions only in the here and now. It does not project forward or call on history. It simply takes our significant emotional experiences; those that have impacted us in a significant way, and builds a story around the event. That story exists to maintain well-being. It’s how we are able to learn from experience and automatically avoid things that the experience has shown are harmful to us. It’s the “hand in the fire” kind of thing. Once we experience the pain of fire, we don’t purposefully put our hand in fire again.

The reason things go awry is because the stories that got created when we were children are still there and when something occurs that triggers that story, the subconscious mind activates it and the lesson the story provided triggers an automatic response.

Responses that were appropriate for a child are often not appropriate for an adult. For example, if you were taught as a child to avoid strangers, that’s a useful lesson for a child. It can keep you safe. But if, as an adult, you are an entrepreneur trying to build a business, avoiding strangers could mean disaster because almost all potential customers are strangers.

Although that may feel like sabotage, it isn’t. It’s the fact that the story still exists as a survival method, and the subconscious mind is still working 24/7 to keep you safe.

The here-and-now rule prevents the stories that determine your actions and reactions from getting updated. New experiences or new learning doesn’t overwrite the old stories, they simply create new ones. So, the stories from childhood are still there, still get triggered and still produce the reaction.

The good new is that the stories can be updated or removed, but it has to be done at a subconscious level. And, when the stories are updated, the change in thoughts, feelings and behaviors is immediate and permanent (thanks to that here-and-now rule). And another great benefit of making changes at a subconscious level that maintaining them  requires no effort on your part. The new behaviors occur as easily and naturally as the old behaviors did.

When you know how to get your subconscious mind aligned with your conscious desires, your subconscious mind is your most powerful asset. It maintains every system in your mind and body, and works tirelessly for your highest good.

When your conscious and unconscious minds are properly aligned, life flows easily, happiness is your normal state, motivation is naturally high,  and you are unstoppable.

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