The Laws of Energy and You

The Science
Albert Einstein’s famous equation, e=mc2, is the mathematical expression of a profound physical fact: all things are composed of energy. If that’s true, and everything suggests that it is, then all things are subject to the laws that govern energy, including human beings.

The extraordinary complexity and diversity of the universe provides a window into the many ways that energy can arrange itself into matter. Science tells us that the elemental packaging we call matter regulates, redirects and propagates energy. As elegant and explanatory as the observations of scientists have been, what has been missing is an explanation of how energy affects the quality of human existence.

I have pondered that for years and then, in 2005, while researching the nature of electricity and chemistry to discover what makes these so predictable, it became apparent that the same proven and predictable laws that make it possible to create all kinds of products, and predict with precision how they will function, applies to humans in exactly the same way.

The laws of energy never vary, so once you understand how they affect you and every outcome you will ever have, you can use those very precise and predictable laws to direct your life in just the way you want it to go.

Cause and Effect
The effects of the laws of energy have been the focus of humanity throughout history. Over the years, many people have tried to explain how the natural laws we are able to observe affect our outcomes, but just as describing the motion of an apple as it falls to the ground does not define the law of gravity, neither does examination of human experience or observable effects explain the laws of energy in sufficiently useful ways.

Knowing what delivers a result is not as important as knowing why that result occurs. Prior to Newton’s elegant mathematical explanation (the why of gravity), many battles were waged with stones, spears, arrows and other projectiles, and they often hit their targets through an intuitive understanding of the law of gravity. But landing a man on the moon required a new depth of understanding.

Likewise, formulas for success or happiness have been offered over the years by individuals who have observed the effects of energy and set out to explain them. While these have been greatly beneficial in guiding our decisions and outcomes, without knowing why an explanation or formula works, most attempts at achieving similar results end in failure. Only in knowing why, can you make purposeful adjustments, direct the course of your life, and get the intended outcome.

Getting What You Want
If you have tried diligently to create a joyous, fulfilled, abundant life for yourself and your loved ones, but have not achieved the results you desire, you can be certain that you are not living in alignment with one or more of the laws of energy.

Generally, people are misaligned because the laws are not understood. And they are generally not understood because people don’t realize how powerfully and predictably the laws of energy affect them.

Without understanding the predictable effects of attitude and actions, taking the easiest route through life seems reasonable and even smart. But, the easiest route is also the least disciplined one and the route that invariably leads to greater difficulties in the future. Like an untended home or garden, and untended life deteriorates over time.

Don’t confuse easy with effortless. When you are living in alignment with the laws of energy, life flows effortlessly, and that’s as it should be. Life well lived is always experienced as effortless. Paradoxically, taking the easy path is not what leads to a life of ease. A life of ease is the result of taking a responsible, self-disciplined path that aligns with your passions and natural talents.

When the tasks that occupy our time and energy are enjoyable, performing them feels easy and effortless, yet we are getting a lot accomplished. When we choose an easy path to avoid undesirable chores, things deteriorate. Big difference.

To get what you want, it is essential that you live in alignment with the laws that govern every outcome, and to do that you need to understand it.  The first step in doing that is to examine how energy impacts the human experience and then to determine to get and stay on the positive abundance path.

All we have to do is look into the sky at the billions of stars, or across a field of flowers, or at a teeming forest, or at the endless variety of living things on our beautiful planet to see that energy produces in abundance. But, because we have the ability to act in whatever way we choose, the abundance we experience isn’t always positive. What we get an abundance of depends on the choices we make. We can experience an abundance of things we want, or an abundance of things we don’t want.

Positive abundance is the natural flow of energy, but just as we can alter the flow of electricity – speed it up, slow it down, and even stop it, we can alter the effect of energy in our lives.

In observing that the effect of energy is always abundance, I wrote a book explaining the laws in detail as they apply to the effect in human experience and called the book The Law of Abundance.

You can learn more about how the laws of energy impact you, and what the positive abundance path looks like at The Four Energy Paths. While you’re there, explore the rest of The Law of Abundance site and spend some time learning what always works, and what never will.

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